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February Fandom Love Fest part 2 -- ACTION FIGURES!

One of the many things I love about fandom is the action figures, and the possibilities they present! I confess that I have taken to carrying a couple of them around in my purse, because you just never know when a photo op will present itself *grins*

I started out with SG1 figures (ah, my Daniel and Cam....) and added SGA (oooh, John and Rodney!) shortly thereafter. Then I fell in love with the Eleventh Doctor, so he had to join the group, and after The Day of the Doctor, the Tenth Doctor had to come along to keep Eleven company.

This year, all six of them came with me to Squee Weekend, and all sorts of hilarity ensued (BIG thanks to sgamadison and selenic76 for joining in the fun, and suggesting poses both appropriate and not ;-))

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