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Happy American Thanksgiving!

Ten and Eleven celebrating Thanksgiving.

Eleven is thankful for Fish Fingers and Custard!

Ten not so much ;-)


jewelry in honor of the Eleventh Doctor

I created a massive charm necklace with as many 11th Doctor-related charms as I could find (I still have some ideas, and am planning to add to it if I can find more charms :-))

16DW  CHARM NECKLACE 20160213_215111 AUTOCOLOR LEVELS 4X5 charm necklace

details under the cutCollapse )

Fish Fingers and Custard Day!

In honor of the first time the Eleventh Doctor enjoyed the infamous fish fingers and custard, he concocted a batch to share with Ten. Ten doesn't look particularly eager to try it, though ;-)

16DW-FFC 20160403_121450 fish fingers custard

Happy birthday/anniversary to Doctor Who!

The Eleventh Doctor and the Curator from Day of the Doctor (the 50th anniversary special)

15 DW DoD 20151123_095953 5-5x4-1 USE
Ten and Eleven made the best of all the snow we got today:

15DW 1 20151121_154232 snow add sides 6x4

15DW 2 20151121_154303 snow levels 6x4

15DW 4 20151121_153947 snow lev +side 6x4

15DW 5 20151121_153854 snow lev +side 6x4

Thyme Lord variations with Ten and Eleven

Time spent in the garden with Ten's and Eleven's favorite herb ;-)

15DW thyme 20150525_194224 6x4

Lemon thyme

15DW thyme 20150802_173228 6x4

creeping thyme

15DW thyme lords IMG_8936 6x4

wooly thyme

Eleven and four on 11-04 :-)

Eleven and Four spend some time together.

15DW 20151104_110919 Eleven and Four 5x4 USE

Come with me!

15DW 20151104_105847 Eleven and Four 5x4 USE

I see you've redecorated!

15DW IMG_8687 Eleven and Four 5x4 USE

Would you care for some tea?
One of the many things I love about fandom is the action figures, and the possibilities they present! I confess that I have taken to carrying a couple of them around in my purse, because you just never know when a photo op will present itself *grins*

I started out with SG1 figures (ah, my Daniel and Cam....) and added SGA (oooh, John and Rodney!) shortly thereafter. Then I fell in love with the Eleventh Doctor, so he had to join the group, and after The Day of the Doctor, the Tenth Doctor had to come along to keep Eleven company.

This year, all six of them came with me to Squee Weekend, and all sorts of hilarity ensued (BIG thanks to sgamadison and selenic76 for joining in the fun, and suggesting poses both appropriate and not ;-))

Photos under the cut....Collapse )

Happy belated birthday to my dear Selenic76

LJ was NOT cooperating yesterday, so I was frustratingly unable to post a birthday wish on time! *glares at LJ*

But dual Doctors can wibbly-wobbly the time stream back a bit, I think :-)

So here is wishing selenic76 a fantastic, timey-wimey birthday!

BIRTHDAY 11 and 10 IMG_4311 levels +br+cn 4x6

*smishes you tight*

Happy birthday to Milly_gal!

Happy, happy birthday, milly_gal! Hope you are having (probably *had* given the time difference) a lovely day!


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