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I'll start with Sunday, because I know that's what you're all really interested in ;-)

Joe, David, and Paul had a panel together. They started the fun before the actual panel by dancing behind the screen while the obligatory video was playing, making crazy shadow figures on the screen. Sometimes their motions even went along with the video ;-)

What I wouldn’t give for a video of the panel! They were talking so fast (and I was laughing so hard!) that it was hard to take any notes on what they were saying (and I sure can’t remember it all on my own).

Joe and David had dinner together Saturday night. David ordered a manly sized steak, but Joe only ordered “the girly 12 oz steak” so he had to [try to] impress the waitress by telling her he can castrate cows Australian style.

If characters got another season, what would they like to have happen?
Joe shushed the person who asked, saying David didn’t know and still shows up every day. As he finished, David stood up and took off his jacket; Paul got up and helped, then tossed the jacket into the audience and pretended to auction it off :-)

Paul said he’d be on an island with Swedish models, and Joe. ;-)
David said Rodney would’ve ascended.
Joe said he wanted to explore the Vegas universe some more! It would be cool having Wraith running around Earth. And he’d have girlfriends. Every episode. A new one.
David said note the order: Wraith, THEN girlfriends!

To David: who’s a better kisser, Jewel or Paul?
David said he’s spent years getting those memories [of kissing Paul] erased! “Look at that face! It’s like a flounder coming at you!”
Paul responded, “You all saw that episode—HE kissed ME!”
Joe added, “What’s creepier is that we’d yelled ‘CUT!’ a long time ago.”
Paul said Kate was a better kisser, and so was their mother. In fact he’s kissed the whole family now ;-)

Favorite scene?
Someone yelled out Doppelganger, and Joe said that one really hurt, and joked about fighting himself.
David said the last scene (of the series) was such a joke—really ridiculous! Joe added that they walked out on the balcony, and everyone had a girlfriend. EXCEPT him.
Paul told a brief story about a scene with Joe in a jumper at the end of Irresistible, when Joe had to blow Paul’s nose for him.

“Question for David and the other guys. First, how’s Mars?”
David says Mars is now part robot, because he had a knee replaced.
“And for Joe” something about a sixth season of SGA
Joe said, “First off, thanks for remembering my name!” He said David is collecting action figures and is reenacting SGA. If he can’t get a license, he’s going to call it Marsgate. Paul jumped in saying that Joe’s figure comes with lots of hair gel, and there was banter between Joe and Paul about who uses more hair products!

TV vs. movies?
David said movies gave you more time, and there was a light at the end of the tunnel; TV takes place faster, and you don’t know where you’re going (or for how long).
Joe said his accountant likes TV (David added his *wife* likes TV), and that TV trains you for discipline, so a film feels like a cakewalk.

What 3 books are on your bookshelf?
David joked, “Three *different* ones?!?” He said he doesn’t have any books, he’s entirely electronic now. Everything’s on his Kindle; books are “inefficient.” Later he said he loves Dune and Lord of the Rings, and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
Joe said one of his kids just started Catholic school, and brought home a Bible. (and made a worried face….)

Atlantis character’s favorite childhood memory?
David: Rodney doesn’t have one. “Jeannie, stop throwing….” McKay has no happy memories.
Paul: Carson has memories of being tucked in by his mum, with cookies and warm milk and a wee little story.
Joe: Sheppard would’ve had Boy Scout memories of firing rockets. Or stealing a car. (David: “Sheppard’s bad ass!”)

What did Sheppard and Beckett see in McKay to make them want to be his friend?
Paul: The writers made them do it! They were both nerds, “and he wanted to kiss me the whole time!”
Joe: They just needed him to get out of trouble. “Do the math!” (said as if to McKay). He was like having a portable computer.

Their relationship with Torri
David said they drove Torri insane—it was like herding cats!
Joe said it took her 16 months to realize they were joking around most of the time. She’s very serious. Her political beliefs were like a big red bull’s eye to him!
David added she was like a little sister, and mimicked saying, “Is this bugging you? Is this bugging you?” over and over.
David also said it was hard for her to be a leader when no one listened, and it was hard on her that Weir was always on Atlantis while the rest of them were out in the field, so they didn’t work together that much. She was the female leader of a Boy’s Club.
Paul added that she was their moral compass.

Paul continued by saying that they all tormented Rachel! David started singing, “Circles…. Circles….” in a a mocking tone (sounding like he used to sing that way to her).

Paul told a story about pranking Rachel while she was pregnant by putting on Rachel’s stunt double’s pregnancy belly and costume, and getting into various compromising positions, and making a collage of the photos for Rachel’s pregnancy photo album.

Joe told a story about Rachel worrying about nursing her son while in Wraith makeup, and wearing a veil so he didn’t get frightened, and Joe asking her later if her son seemed “different” (after seeing her in Wraith makeup.)

Current projects:
David: “Cashing unemployment checks.”
Joe: "Six Bullets"one. David pretended to play game: Look, Joe dies! Look, Joe falls off a cliff! Joe dies again!

David in "State of Syn" with Jewel Staite, and “Nothing”.

Paul in horror movie with Billy Boyd about 2 Scottish guys who were abducted.

Peter Flemming (Agent Barrett on SG1) came up to the mike and yanked their chains by saying, “Wow, my favorite show is Stargate: Universe, and you 3 guys are SOOOOO hot! But my favorite is Carson.”

Opinions on the Wraith, particularly Todd
Paul: creepy.
David: tall.
Joe: in a weird way, kinda sexy. Wraith queens are hot in a macabre way.

They were so funny together! Lots of joking and teasing each other; it’s obvious that they still enjoy seeing each other.

Will try to get some pix posted, but need to work on them since the lighting sucked, and we weren't close enough to use a flash.


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May. 3rd, 2012 03:02 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for the wonderful report!!
Hope you enjoyed the heck out of the last Van Con!
May. 5th, 2012 12:52 am (UTC)
My pleasure! We tried to "enjoy the heck" out of the last one *sob*, and I'm pretty sure we succeeded :-)
May. 3rd, 2012 03:04 am (UTC)
aw man, I wish I could have gone!!! Thanks for giving a report and I look forward to pics!
May. 5th, 2012 12:52 am (UTC)
I wish you could have gone! They really did a good job with this one. Will work on color correcting some pix this weekend....
May. 3rd, 2012 03:04 am (UTC)
This made me grin SO HARD. Only thing that would have made it better was meeting up with you! Looking forward to the pix! Glad you're home safe and sound. :-)
May. 5th, 2012 12:54 am (UTC)
Ah, I SO wish you could've gone! I have lovely memories of spending time with you at the Van Con *smishes you* Will work on pix and more report this weekend.
May. 3rd, 2012 10:20 am (UTC)
Wonderful report! Thank you!!!!
May. 5th, 2012 12:53 am (UTC)
My pleasure, my dear! I'm hoping to post some more comments once I recover from jet lag and the cold I picked up there...
May. 4th, 2012 05:36 am (UTC)
Thanks for the wonderful report! We have shared it over journal.joe-flanigan.info, as someone was kind enough to add it in the comments to our Van con-digest post.
May. 5th, 2012 12:58 am (UTC)
Cool! It was fun for me to read other people's comments there, and see the photos! :-)
May. 7th, 2012 04:04 pm (UTC)
Great roundup, they really were funny and I loved how much they were enjoying themselves as well as entertaining us.
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