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Happy birthday, Mezzo_Cammin!

Wishing the lovely mezzo_cammin a very happy birthday.

1sent bday greeting atl_303_0508 John Rodney birthday greetings copy

I hope you have a day as wonderful as you are! *smishes you*

Happy birthday Shaddyr!

Happy birthday to shaddyr

Hope you're having a marvelous day *smishes you*

1birthday this time zone 206_trinity_04 too late birthday in this time zone copy

Reading fiction is good for you!


HUGE thanks to all my wonderful writer friends who have enriched my life in so many ways!

*smishes you all*

(the link looks a little weird, but it does still work :-))

Doctor Who mini-bottles

More miniature glass bottles inspired by Milly_gal! Hearts, sonic screwdrivers, and keys, to represent for what the TARDIS has provided for the Doctor.

The left-most one is for the Eleventh Doctor, with TARDIS blue hearts and a green-tipped sonic screwdriver. The center one is for the Tenth Doctor, who had a blue sonic. The right one is a steam-punky version, with gears and other bits from the inside of watches.

DW mini bottle x 3 12-5x6-25 copy

Happy birthday to Zoemathemata!

Wishing the lovely zoemathemata the most wonderful birthday yet! Wish I was there to celebrate with you in person :-)

*smishes you*

Birthday ZOE 14SW 20140915_180622 6x4 levels happy birthday Zoe copy

Stargate charm bracelet!

Even though I've developed an interest in Doctor Who, I do still love Stargate! It's just much harder these days to find Stargate things :-(

But I did manage, with some searching, to find enough Stargate-related charms to make a bracelet:

SG bracelet IMG_5580 6x4

11th Doctor charm bracelets

Eleven is my favorite Doctor, so of course I had to make bracelets with bowties and fezzes and other Eleven-y things :-) I came up with my own versions of bowties and managed to find a bead that looked a bit like a fez, then finally managed to find bowtie charms. (I'm working on an Eleven charm-only bracelet, and having fun searching the internet for things like a stethoscope, glasses, a Stetson, an astronaut, etc.)

DW bracelet 11th IMG_5573 levels 6x4

more bracelets under the cutCollapse )

Doctor Who jewelry!

I've been on a jewelry making kick lately, and most (OK, ALL!) of it has been Doctor Who themed. Here are my favorites that aren't Eleventh Doctor based.

DW necklace IMG_5365 5x4

DW necklace MG_5364 5x4

DW bracelet IMG_5379 5x4

DW charm bracelet IMG_5376 6x4

Kitten therapy!

Had to share this because KITTENS! I feel better just watching the video :-)


[edited to [try to] insert link properly; not sure why the video isn't showing up :-( ]

Happy birthday, Squidgie!

Wishing my dear friend squidgiepdx the happiest of birthdays yet! I am so blessed to have you in my life :-)

*smishes you*

sg1_217_444 Holiday Daniel whipped cream 6x4 +br+cn + txt + brdr copy


Schrodinger real + TARDIS bowtie

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